Missouri, like the rest of the country, has weathered an economic recession and slowly we are starting to see a recovery. However, we persevered because individual Missourians, families and businesses pulled us through. Now, we should invest in those who are going to continue to propel us forward, not more government programs that are going to put us further in debt and cost future generations.

We can grow our economy by returning money to individuals, families, and businesses to let them spend the money how they see fit. Greater financial liberty empowers individuals by giving them more decisions over how to control their money, and it provides businesses more stability in understanding their expected costs and projected revenues.

Regardless of what opponents say, taxes matter. States that are cutting taxes are growing and states that are raising taxes are watching their businesses leave.

Missouri needs real tax reform that allows Missourians to keep more of their hard-earned money. We need tax reform that avoids gimmicks and special treatment towards certain entities and creates a better businesses environment for everyone, not just those who can afford a lobbyist.

We need tax reform because we want our state to Grow and be a better place for every Missourian.