Grow Missouri has long recognized the need for government to better reflect taxpayer input.  To that end, Create a Great State was launched in 2014 as part of a long-run, grassroots listening tour covering the Show-Me State and collecting opinions from families, farmers, community leaders, business owners and proud Missourians who seek to protect the vitality of the American Dream.

Designed to awaken the consciences of likeminded Missourians who reject the status quo and refuse to settle for mediocrity, Create a Great State sought to build consensus and a sense that “we can do better” and ultimately facilitate in the construction of a roadmap to a successful future.  During this time, Grow Missouri engaged citizens via roundtables, interviews, rallies and various events – all under a Skyship that accompanied the first phase of the tour.

Throughout this time, Grow Missouri reached out to countless citizens, collecting more than 100 ideas to make our state great, by identifying instances of wasted state taxpayer dollars, such as no-bid school bond contracts and tax subsidies. Grow Missouri collected these stories and catalogued the input from the very people who create jobs, strengthen our schools and lead our local communities.

To this day, even after completion of the tour, Grow Missouri continues to communicate these very ideas to statewide leaders so all Missourians can expect more from our state government. Ultimately, Grow Missouri intends to create an accessible conduit for Missourians to share their ideas on how to improve our state and connect with Missouri families who want to keep the American Dream alive for future generations.

Grow Missouri continues to seek input from small business owners who shoulder the responsibility of making payrolls upon which many working families depend; farmers, who are grappling with ways to stay current and compete with other farmers in neighboring states that have far more attractive tax climates; and a host of other Missourians, all of whom want to see the Show Me State thrive and compete on a level playing field with other states.

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