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Office 2016 is now arriving for Office 365 ProPlus Users!

Is not knowing the whereabouts of your Office 2016 apps / Office ProPlus one of your worries?

Are you still running Office 2013 (Office 365 ProPlus) on your computer and becoming increasingly concerned you may have been inadvertently left behind, even though your company is subscribed to an Office 365 E3-Series Subscription?office 2016 serial number and product key.Have you been wondering when might you receive a free upgrade to Office 2016? Are you suspecting that perhaps once again, something might have changed, or you may have misunderstood one of the core benefits of subscribing to Office 365?microsoft office 2016 key

Have no reason to worry or fear - - Office 2016 for Office 365 ProPlus - - is finally here!When will Office ProPlus / Office 2016 arrive, and why now?

Well, it is almost generally available now. The latest scheduled date for every day user availability is February 23, 2016. On or around this date, assuming nothing changes, Office ProPlus 2016 should be available for users to download from the O365 2016 phone activation key.And, best of all, it should soon be pushed down to your desktop for your installation inconvenience. Oops! I meant to say Office 2016 should be pushed down for your installation convenience, or ease of installation.

You might now be asking, “Why this date and why the big delay?” And, if so, then you do not have enough to worry about! J Just kidding here…

The truth is you could have had the ability to enjoy Office 2016 much earlier, months-and-months ago, if your O365 account was configured for and eligible to receive a first release app. Toggling the First Release setting to “On” in your O365 account is appropriate if you like to test or work with early release candidates to experience the latest cutting edge features and enjoy watching demolition derby style app crashes!

If you are using the Office 2013 version of Office ProPlus and are subscribed to an E3 Subscription, then most likely your Office 365 Account is tuned-in to the default “Deferred Channel” for receiving Subscription 2016 product keys.No, the Deferred Channel is not a New Channel being offered by your cable company. Rather, it is a descriptive category and option that defines how often your Office 365 account is set to receive new features and capabilities, and bug fixes from Microsoft.

Why we recommend you stay tuned to this Channel, but you may decide otherwise.

The default Deferred Channel is one of three (3) options that you can select for your Office 365 account to manage how often updates are received. It is one of the “Controlled or Conservative” options where updates are installed every 4 (four) months, where you can enjoy the latest released features with less risk, well after millions of users have already tested and validated them, or were clobbered by glitches!office 2016 key kaufen

The Deferred Channel is recommended for most small-and-medium size businesses who like to experience a low probability and frequency of issues - - and for environments that cannot tolerate unplanned for glitches to include highly automated industrial and factory processes, air traffic and mission control rocket centers, hospitals and emergency rooms, and most critical of all - - if Grandma is using Office 365 to help manage her home based cookie baking business!

This default Deferred Channel setting on your O365 account can be changed, almost as easily as tapping a channel button on your TV’s remote control device.

If you would like to change this default setting for your account, say to receive updates on a monthly basis to always have the latest tested features and capabilities, prefer to be on the “first release” program because you love to beta test, and/or have ample supplies of generic or name brand pain killing medications to include aspirin and ibuprofen - - then be sure to refer to this Microsoft reference, Overview of update channels for Office 365 office pro 2016 product key.What to do if bad things happen?

After the download and installation of Office ProPlus / Office 2016 to your computer - - what happens if you did not do any testing of this latest app in advance - - and suddenly discover some of your old Office add-ins, macros, certain app customizations, and/or compatibility with other desktop apps no longer work, despite attempts at upgrading them or tweaking of settings?

Or, worse yet, what if you have just recently upgraded to Office 2013 - - after using Office 2003 for over 13 or so very long years - - and you are not yet ready psychologically for more shock-and-awe?microsoft office professional 2016 product key

I am sorry to say, you now should panic!key windows 10 2016.J Just tricking again… If all attempts to resolve an incompatibility issue or your own psychological issues fail, you should be able to rollback to Office 2013 until you have discovered a solution.

To rollback to Office 2013, you will need to follow a process that looks something like the following sequence below. Be sure to apply step 3, because if you do not, you may discover at the most inconvenient time that Office 2016 was auto-magically reinstalled for your convenience.

Count on Excel: What Accountants Can Expect in Office 2016

This fall, Microsoft launches Office 2016 for Windows*, and it’s already offered some preliminary downloads. This is especially big news for accounting and finance organizations that rely on activation keys

And that includes a lot of businesses. Sixty-three percent of U.S. companies and 75 percent of small companies interviewed for the 2015 Benchmarking the Accounting & Finance Function from Robert Half and Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) said they use Excel for budgeting and long-range 2016 activator

A boon to finance professionals, the latest revisions to Excel include a number of tools to help manage data, mine it for relevant information and present it in useful ways. Here are four key improvements to look for in Office 2016.

1. Improved “Pivot Tables”
Excel can be a boon for many accounting services that rely on analyzing and visualizing data. For example, the “Pivot Tables” filter, sort and calculate in just a few clicks, turning blocks of figures into meaningful office 2016 key

To try out pivot tables, select an array of data and use “Recommended Pivot Tables” from the “Insert” ribbon. You will then be presented with a range of options, including what you’d like to calculate and how you’d like it presented.

Excel 2016 includes the added ability to work with dates, meaning that you can drill down into your figures with even more accuracy, looking at specific dates or periods of time. The ability to handle data sources has also been adjusted; if you are compiling data from more than one table, Excel 2016 will automatically detect any relationships and define them for you.

2. New chart types
Bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts and more can be used to show trends and comparisons. They provide quick snapshots and are perfect when numbers alone don’t tell the whole story.keys for office 2016

In Excel 2016, charts have been upgraded with a new focus on business intelligence. Five new types have been introduced, including box and whiskers, waterfall, histograms and paretos, and hierarchical treemaps and sunbursts. To create a chart, highlight the figures to visualize and click “charts” within the “insert” ribbon. Here you will see a range of available chart styles.

3. New formulas
In addition to doing basic math, Excel’s formulas can also search, sort and filter data. They are among the most versatile and powerful aspects of Excel but can also be complicated to master. Formulas are typed directly into cells, effectively programming them with a short line of code. For finance professionals, SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT are useful for filtering numbers before adding them together. IRR, NPV and PV perform complex functions relating to Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value and Present Value forecasts.

Excel 2016 introduces FORECAST to predict future values based on historical 2016 working key.The formula can also be used to calculate the confidence interval or show the length of a repetitive pattern that Excel has detected. To get the most from Excel, learn more about the complex formulas that make light work of difficult home business 2016

4. Power Query as standard
Excel 2016 comes packaged with Power Query, a downloadable add-on in previous versions. Power Query inserts data from external sources, either your own or public information from Internet sources such as Wikipedia.

According to the buzz within the finance industry, Microsoft’s latest software update comes loaded with tools to help assess, process and visualize data and trends in new and more complex ways. By mastering the built-in features, you’ll get more insight for your effort and more value from your information.
*Office 2016 for Mac will be available at the same time as the Windows version and has already launched for anyone who is an Office 365 subscriber.

First look: Microsoft Office 2016

This week Microsoft released a public preview of its upcoming productivity suite, Office 2016. You can download and try Office 2016 Preview for 180 days, as long as you’re running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, or Mac OS X. However, the Windows Office preview can’t run alongside a current version of Office unless you set up a virtual machine. microsoft office 2016 product key.Read on for our sneak peek at what you can expect in Office 2016, before its expected final release in fall 2016 product key.

Inside Office 2016

We ran Office 2016 Preview inside a Windows 10 virtual machine, which you can try for yourself with our handy guide. Keep in mind that Office 2016 is in active development, so things you see in this story may change over time.
App tabs

The top border of each app is colored-coded: Word is blue, Excel is green, and so on. In Word, the Page Layout tab is shortened to just Layout. The Apps section of the Insert tab has a direct link to a Wikipedia tool that opens up wiki pages in the sidebar to the right of your document. This might be handy for laptop users or others who are limited to one screen. The Add-Ins tab is gone, professional plus 2016 product key. There’s a text-entry field to the right of the tabs now that can use search terms to help you find functions, like creating a table or using a grammar checker. There’s a link at the bottom of your search results that will send you to Office’s documentation for more info.

File menu

The File menu looks largely the same. The Open section has renamed Computer to This PC and specifies which OneDrive account you are logged in to (if any). The recent documents list to the right now contains date stamps. In the Save As section, the Browse button has been moved from the right to the left.
Options menu

In the Options menu, we have a few more themes to select from, such as Medium Gray and Colorful, with the latter as the default. You can switch to White to make Office 2016 look more like 2013. Other than that, the Options section appears to be home student 2016 product key. It’s also the only place to access your Add-Ins settings.

Excel 2016

In Excel, the Cell Styles menu now drops down from a button – all the previously visible presets are now tucked into this drop-down. Those presets took up a lot of real estate on the ribbon, so this is probably a good change. Similarly, your sources on the Data tab have been condensed to a Get External Data drop-down office 2016 product key. The Data Tools icons are smaller, to make room for two new sections labeled Data Model and Forecast. The first section plugs you into Power Pivot, which integrates a function that was previously available as an add-in. Forecast was also available before, just not featured on the ribbon. Like all other software in the Office 2016 suite, Excel has the new search field and no Add-Ins 2016 product key.
The future of Office 2016

During the Build 2015 conference, Microsoft demonstrated Office 2016 integrating with third-party services – Excel logged in to an SAP server, for example, and Outlook offered calendar notifications from Uber. But those features don’t appear to be available in this preview, at least not yet. Meanwhile, Microsoft has not issued an official release date, though the Office blog projects fall 2016 key activation. Historically, Office has come out in January, but perhaps Microsoft doesn’t want to miss the holiday season this time around. We’ll keep you posted.