KS Gains Nearly $85 Million After Income Tax Elimination

After eliminating the income tax in Kansas, the Sunflower State now holds a nearly $85 million cumulative advantage in income gains from Missouri, while private sector employment has increased by 4% over the last three years. By instituting pro-growth reform, our neighbor to the West has become an attractive option for business owners and entrepreneurs […]

Missouri General Assembly Back in Action in Jefferson City

After a seven month hiatus, the 98th Missouri General Assembly is now back in action in Jefferson City for legislative session, which runs from January through mid-May each year. Pre-filing of this year’s bills began December 1st, essentially kick starting the legislative season. Major issues expected to be at the forefront this year include ethics […]

Missouri Dairy Revitilization Act: Helping Our State’s Family Farms

Once a leader in the dairy industry, Missouri continues to lose dairy farms at an alarming rate. Dairy farms provide more than 23,000 jobs in the state and annually produce approximately $4.4 billion worth of dairy products. In addition to directly contributing to the local and state economy, the dairy industry also tangentially supports other […]

Kansas Revenues Exceed November Predictions

Kansas reported collections of nearly $8 million more in taxes than anticipated for November, with both income and sales taxes exceeding expectations, thus putting pessimistic tax collection forecasts to rest. Click HERE to read the full article.  

Agriculture Land Assessments & the MO State Tax Commission

Every two years, the Missouri State Tax Commission evaluates agricultural land assessments. Just two years ago, the Commission increased property taxes on agricultural land to the tune of 5 percent. This year, the Commission is considering an increase as great as 30 percent for land deemed “grade five.” (Agricultural soil grades are based on a […]

Show-Me State’s Transportation Funding Crisis

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) warning citizens across the state of an impending transportation funding crisis.  So, how exactly could a transportation funding crisis affect you and me?  Well, let me begin by telling you that Missouri has the nation’s 7th-largest system of roads […]

Missouri’s Tax Amnesty Legislation

House Bill 384 & What it means for Missouri Taxpayers This past legislative session, a measure was passed in Missouri which included several important taxation-related issues.  The legislation was sponsored by State Representative Tom Flanigan, a Republican from Carthage and the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. The legislation, House Bill 384, was signed into […]

Missouri’s AGI Declines Despite Population Increase

A recent article in the Memphis Democrat reported on Missouri’s declining annual adjusted gross income (AGI) despite experiencing an increase in population. Between 1992-2013, Missouri’s population grew by over 50,000 people, however, during this time period, more than $2.3 billion in AGI was lost…most of this to states with better taxation policy. St. Louis County, […]

Acting State Budget Director Releases YTD General Revenue Collections

October 5, 2015 JEFFERSON CITY – Acting State Budget Director Dan Haug announced the 2016 fiscal year-to-date general revenue collections increased 3.6 percent from this time last year, an increase of $70 million from $2.03 billion last year to $2.10 billion this year. Individual income tax collections went up from $1.42 billion last year to $1.5 billion this […]

Illinois Budgetary Woes Continue

When talking taxes, Missouri often draws comparisons to Kansas, however, the conversation rarely turns to our Eastern bordering neighbor: Illinois.  Per the state Constitution, Missouri legislators are required to pass a balanced budget.  While Illinois has a similar policy in place, the state oftentimes balances their budget with exorbitant tax hikes and borrowing to fill […]