Federal Income Tax Review

Late last year, the IRS released data pertaining to federal individual income tax collections and shortly thereafter, the Tax Foundation released their annual summary of the findings.  The findings indicated the top half of taxpayers paid 97% of all income taxes collected and despite an overall decrease in income, taxes paid increased by $46 billion dollars.   […]

Update: Airbnb Now Allowed in Suburban St. Louis

Last fall, Grow Missouri reported on issues Airbnb faced in suburban St. Louis. Since this time, Maplewood city leaders reevaluated the issue and subsequently approved a measure allowing for owner-occupied rentals…great news for the community, the economy & travellers, alike.        

Kansas City & St. Louis Earnings Tax

This week, Kristian Starner brings you the Grow Missouri Minute, focusing on the Kansas City and St. Louis earnings tax. Due to a recent Supreme Court Decision in Baltimore, numerous Missouri lawmakers have since filed legislation to address the constitutional issue.  

2016 Missouri Legislative Session Update

Check out this week’s Grow Missouri Minute as Kristian Starner brings you an update on the 2016 legislative session, currently underway in Jefferson City.  Issues at the forefront this year include ethics reform, transportation funding and a focus on the Show-Me State’s economy.  

Uber Encounters Obstacles in the Show-Me State

This week, Kristian Starner brings you the Grow Missouri Minute focusing on issues Uber has faced in Missouri. Despite problems in various cities across the state, the wildly popular ride-sharing app provides safe, reliable and affordable transportation in an increasingly innovative and efficient delivery model.